An Above the Ground Perspective for on the Ground Decisions

For more than 100 years the professional Greenkeeper and today’s Golf Course Superintendent have relied on ground level assessment of the natural world. The living breathing organism that we manage changes daily, if you live in region with more dynamic weather the changes are even more dramatic. In the west with our perennial drought conditions, soils desiccate quickly changing the way we plan and manage the turf. So how can we better plan for these changes?
Change the rules of the game…manipulate the perspective! 10 feet overhead, 100 feet overhead, 400 feet overhead with state of the art technology and clarity. Identify patterns and problems before and during development. The profession is more than a job, more than a career, it’s commitment to ourselves and our reputation. If you’ve ever been satisfied with your effort, with your golf course then you’ve chosen poorly!!

Never satisfied must be a culture because good is the enemy of great. EyeOn18 will help establish an ethos of great with a new perspective!